What Should Patients Know About Holistic Medical Treatments?

20 June 2022
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Holistic medicine acknowledges the fact that each individual is a whole person with thoughts, feelings, and physical sensations. Each of these factors can affect a person's health, but traditional forms of medicine often treat only the body. Holistic medical treatments can address a person's emotional and mental health, along with their physical health, to help patients make positive, lasting changes.

Here are some things patients should know about holistic medicine treatments.

1. They take into account a patient's diet and habits

Diet plays a big role in a person's overall mental and physical health. Healthy foods that are full of nutrients can give your body everything it needs to repair itself and function optimally. On the other hand, diets full of processed ingredients and sugar can contribute to poor health over time. Holistic medical treatments examine patients' diets and strive to make improvements when possible. A healthy diet plan and positive habits, such as exercising regularly, can improve the symptoms of many common ailments, such as diabetes and hypertension.

2. They can be prescribed by holistic doctors

Holistic medical treatments can be prescribed by holistic doctors. These doctors are distinct from naturopathic practitioners because they have attended medical school. Since holistic doctors are licensed to practice medicine, they have an intimate understanding of the workings of the human body. A holistic doctor will take the time to listen to your concerns before coming up with a treatment plan that utilizes the holistic treatments they feel will be most effective.

3. They attend to a person's mental health as well as physical health

Mental health is frequently neglected. However, a person's mental health can affect their overall life satisfaction as well as their physical health. Constant stress can encourage weight gain and make people more susceptible to illness. Holistic doctors understand that the body and mind affect each other. That's why many holistic medical treatments focus on empowering people to manage their mental health through meditation, talk therapy, and even yoga. When undertaken regularly, these practices can help people become more mentally flexible and resilient.

4. They can combine traditional and naturopathic treatments

Holistic doctors often combine traditional and naturopathic treatments to address a person's health concerns. Supplements may be prescribed to improve a person's overall nutrition, while pharmaceutical drugs are sometimes indicated to help patients get certain conditions under control. Your doctor will take the time to ensure that every treatment you use works synergistically with the others.