Employers Gain The Most From Drug Screening. Here's How

22 February 2022
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Drug and substance abuse is a prevalent problem in most workplaces. Such tendencies affect employee performance and compromise their safety. Employees who abuse drugs are prone to tardiness and are more likely to get injured on the job, which may cost your company or business a lot of revenue. Nonetheless, while it is impossible to control your employees' habits, you can prevent and detect drug and substance abuse in the workplace by conducting drug tests. Drug testing your employees reduces the risk of workplace injuries, improves employee performance, and ensures everything runs smoothly. Here are some questions that employers should consider about drug testing at the workplace:

How Does Drug Abuse Affect Safety within the Company Premises?

Employees who abuse drugs at the workplace are a threat to their colleagues. These drugs impair people's cognitive functions, affecting how they handle their responsibilities. The situation worsens when the job involves handling sensitive equipment such as heavy machinery, vehicles, or hazardous chemicals. If an employee handles these toxic chemicals while intoxicated, it can lead to accidents, thus harming themselves and their colleagues. Regular drug testing prevents work-related injuries, which may culminate in substantial losses. The tests reveal which employees engage in substance abuse, prompting disciplinary actions against them. Drug testing reduces the risk of workplace accidents, thus creating a safe working environment. 

How Might Intoxicated Workers Expose the Company to Liabilities and Negative Publicity?

Employers are usually held accountable for any injury resulting from work-related accidents, especially if they fail to create a safe working environment. The company may face costly lawsuits and may be forced to pay damages for their employees' injuries. Additionally, if work-related injuries increase, the company's business licenses might be suspended. Drug testing your employees regularly can reduce liability by enhancing their safety. The tests identify the employees who threaten other people's safety at the workplace and punish them. Thus, drug testing represents the company's effort to prevent workplace injuries, thus reducing the risk of liability and saving the company money. 

How Might Drug-Related Absenteeism and Accidents Undermine Profitability?

Employee drug and substance abuse lead to behavioral problems that reduce work productivity. It leads to increased absenteeism rates, lateness, rising accident rates, and employee theft. Implementing a drug testing policy at the workplace reduces behavioral problems, improving job performance. It creates a drug-free environment where everyone performs their tasks without the influence of various drugs. Similarly, it creates a safe working environment, which improves the employees' working morale, thus enhancing productivity. Most employees will be inclined to work hard since they are not worried about their safety.

For more information on drug testing and its benefits, contact a health care professional near you.