What Happens If You Take Suboxone & Opiates Together?

29 November 2021
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Suboxone has become one of the most common treatments for opioid addiction, but many people still have questions about using suboxone. It is a relatively new treatment option, one that most people have not necessarily tried. It's normal to have questions about what happens when drugs are mixed.

So, what does happen if you take your prescribed suboxone and opiates at the same time? These are a few things you need to know about taking substances together.

Block the Effects of Opiates

If you take opiates and suboxone at the same time, the high you might typically experience with opiates might be completely blocked. This means you will not feel any of the effects of the opioid, making it useless to take the substance at all. In some cases, the high is only dulled. You may experience only the lightest signs of using the substance.

Take Suboxone Consistently

In order for suboxone to prevent opiates from binding the necessary receptors, it is important to take the treatment regularly and at the proper dosage. If you take suboxone regularly, you can curb withdrawal symptoms and ensure that you are not as susceptible to relapse. When you are not regular with your prescription, you are at higher risk to use other substances, and you may also be at higher risk to overdose on some substances.

Don't Take Suboxone Immediately After Taking Opioids

It is also important that you do not take suboxone soon after taking an opioid. If you do, your body might go into withdrawal more quickly than it would have, and you may experience the symptoms associated with it. If you do take opioids, you should speak with your provider rather than take your suboxone immediately. Providers often recommend waiting a full day before you begin your prescription again.

Avoid Taking Suboxone With Other Substances

If you combine suboxone with other substances, you may experience serious side effects, including overdose. Pairing suboxone with alcohol and opioids can be especially dangerous, potentially causing serious health issues. Taking benzodiazepines with suboxone is also dangerous and can even become fatal.

Speak With a Provider to Learn More

If you are thinking about taking suboxone as part of your addiction treatment plan, it is important that you speak with a professional. Suboxone treatment can be safe when it is used correctly, but it should always be taken in accordance with the guidelines provided by a doctor.

To learn more about how suboxone treatment could help you, reach out to a health care clinic, such as Triangle Wellness and Recovery.