Have High Anxiety? 2 Tips To Help You Feel Better

8 November 2019
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If you have high anxiety problems that cause anxiety attacks, this can make it difficult to lead your life, especially if the anxiety is very bad. Fortunately, there are many things you can do to get the help you need, two of which are listed below. 

Determine the Reason

With some people, high anxiety comes out of nowhere and there seems to be no logical reason for it. This makes it much harder to determine the reason why you are having it. There may be reasons, however, that you are aware of. For example, starting college can lead to anxiety. You may be feeling stress while at work, or you may be having problems with your marriage or other personal relationships. 

If you are having money problems this can cause anxiety. If you have recently lost a loved one, this can cause emotional trauma, which can lead to high anxiety. If you have a serious medical problem this can also cause anxiety, or a medication you are taking may cause this problem also. If you use drugs, such as crack or cocaine, this can lead to anxiety in many people.

See your medical doctor if you think a health problem is causing your anxiety. The doctor can give you a full checkup to determine if there is anything medically wrong with you.

Get Help

If you are aware of the reason for your high anxiety you may be able to get the help you need on your own. For example, if you have lost someone you love, it will take time to get over this type of trauma. If you are having stress from college, you could take fewer classes next semester. 

In many cases, however, people need help with their anxiety. One way to get this is by visiting a behavioral health clinic. This clinic will have professionals that can speak with you about your anxiety problems. They can help you get down to the root cause of your anxiety. 

You may see a psychiatrist at the behavioral health clinic. This doctor will make a personalized treatment plan for you. This treatment plan may include counseling or therapy, and the doctor may give you medication to take to help with your anxiety. 

Once you get on the right medication and/or receive the right type of counseling, you will have a much greater chance of stopping your anxiety attacks or reducing them greatly..