6 Steps To Take After Getting A Cut

28 August 2018
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Most people are bound to cut themselves accidentally at some point in their daily lives. If it is a small cut, it is usually not a big deal and will heal shortly. However, it's important to treat a cut immediately to avoid infection and other issues. Here are the steps you should take after getting a cut.

Apply Pressure to the Wound

When you cut yourself, the blood vessels in the area get damaged, causing you to bleed. The best way to subside the bleeding is to apply firm pressure to the wounded area with a towel or cloth. Keep the towel or cloth on the area until the bleeding has completely stopped.

Clean the Wound

To prevent infection, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the wound with water. Don't put soap near the wound, as it can cause irritation and pain. If there is still debris in the cut after you have washed it, carefully remove them with tweezers. If you have used the pair of tweezers before, disinfect them with rubbing alcohol.

Use Antibiotic Ointment

Even though you've cleaned your cut, it is still necessary to apply antibiotic ointment on it. This ointment will reduce your risk of skin infections and help your wound heal faster. 

Put a Bandage Over the Cut

A bandage will prevent dirt and bacteria from getting into your wound and help absorb fluids. If your bandage gets dirty, you should change it immediately. 

Avoid Picking at Your Cut

If your cut is itching, you may be tempted to pick and scratch it. However, the dirt and oil from your hands can infect your cut. Picking at your wound can also irritate it, delaying the healing process. Try to distract yourself with other activities when you get the urge to itch.

Know the Signs of Infection

While your cut is healing, it is important to watch for signs of infection. If you experience pain, redness, or excessive swelling, it is likely that your wound has gotten infected, and you need to consult with a medical professional as soon as possible.

If you follow these tips, your cut is more likely to heal properly. However, if the cut becomes inflamed, drains a gray fluid, or feels numb, you should go to your local health care center. A doctor will know how to properly treat your wound so that you don't have to deal with further complications.