Why Prolonged Dizziness Should Never Be Ignored

17 January 2017
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While it is normal to feel unbalanced and dizzy on occasion, especially when standing up suddenly, these symptoms should dissipate almost as soon as they start. Although it is easy enough to tell when you have a cold, the average person is not able to diagnose a potential neurological disorder. If you find it harder to keep your balance while walking or suddenly feel dizzy for no explainable reason, find a neurologist who can help to figure out what's really going on.

What Does Dizziness Signal? Going on amusement park rides may cause you to temporarily become dizzy, but since you can usually expect to feel this way, you won't have any reason to feel alarmed. Sometimes people can feel dizzy more often when they are under stress or begin eating a diet that is too low in sodium. On the other hand, if you have been experiencing vertigo and your symptoms can't be explained by your primary doctor, going to a neurologist is advised.

Prolonged dizziness can potentially point to a neurologist disorder, and the longer that you go without treatment, the more pronounced your symptoms will become. Many people with Parkinson's disease experience unexplained bouts of dizziness early on, but if they are treated by a neurologist, they are better able to manage their lives. Dizzy spells can also be an indicator that your blood pressure is low, or it can also be a sign of multiple sclerosis.

When You Should Visit a Neurologist

Although you can schedule an appointment with a neurologist on your own, conferring with your doctor first is a good move. Although frequent and continued bouts of dizziness may mean that you need the assistance of a neurologist, sometimes your symptoms can be explained by a general physician that you trust. Once you have a full physical and answer questions about any and all notable changes that you have recently experienced in your life, a general care doctor will be able to tell you if a referral to a neurologist is necessary.

If you have a severe dizzy spell that leads to a serious fall, you will likely be examined by a neurologist once you get to the hospital. Sometimes accidents happen, but dizziness doesn't normally lead to balance issues if you are completely healthy. While in a hospital setting, your neurologist will be able to order tests, including an MRI, to see if your dizzy spells are being caused by an undiagnosed neurological disorder.