Hospice For Your Parent: When You Need To Make The Most Of Your Time

30 April 2015
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Getting the news that your parent is being sent home to spend their final days in the comfort of their own home can be stressful, but hospice can help. If you are wondering who is going to take care of your parent and make sure they are alright every day while you have you to work and live your life, in-home care will be ideal.

There are many advantages to having someone come to the house every day, instead of trying to do things on your own. Consider the following benefits if you are thinking of hospice.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Your parent probably doesn't want to go to a nursing home where they aren't going to have a lot of privacy, they have to function on someone else's schedule, and they won't have the fond memories of their family. With an in-home care provider, your parent can rest in their own bed, be surrounded by their own belongings, and friends and family can come to visit at any time. This makes their final time more enjoyable.

You Can be the Child

If you decide to do all of the care instead of letting a medical professional do it, you don't get to be the child. You have to be the person who does all of the work, you have to take all of the responsibility. This can be a lot of work for you, and it can put a strain on your relationship. With the help of hospice, you can be the child, enjoying your parent instead of having to take care of them.

Regular Vital Updates

The medical professional that comes to the house is going to take your parent's vitals, make sure they are getting the proper amount of medication, and will give you a report on their current condition. Since they are sent home for their final time, you won't be going to a physician's office, and it will be nice to know what is going on with their body.

If the medical professionals that treat your parent have decided that their time may be up, you want to call an in-home care professional with that specializes in hospice services to find out what options you have. They will verify the care with the insurance provider to make sure everything will be covered, and then you can rest easy knowing your parent will be taken care of.