Helpful Steps To Take When Dealing With An Alcohol Addiction

28 April 2015
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Being addicted to alcohol can be life-changing. In order to beat this brutal addiction, you can take these helpful steps.

Monitor External Factors Contributing to Your Addiction

As an addict, it can sometimes be hard to realize what is causing you to drink. That's why it's important to take a broad approach, and identify external stimuli that may be making you drink more than you should.

Start with your friends. Try to stay out of contact with individuals who drink alcohol or who have access to it. It may be hard at first, but during this difficult time, you need to stay around people who support your cause of sobriety. Family members are best to stay around, and they can help you monitor your alcohol intake every day.

You also need to stay away from trigger environments, such as bars, clubs or even restaurants that serve alcohol. Replace these environments with places like coffee shops, libraries or community events.

Check Yourself Into an Inpatient Rehabilitation Facility

Sometimes your addiction to alcohol may be too difficult and dangerous to beat on your own. For this instance, you can check yourself into an inpatient rehabilitation facility, such as Gateway Rehabilitation Hospital. One of the biggest advantages of these facilities is that they offer 24-7 supervised care. During the day or at night, you are going to be monitored by nurses, who will check all of your vitals to make sure the withdrawal stages are not putting your life at risk.

After you get done with the detoxification process, you have access to your own personal counselor. This professional can help identify underlying causes of your addiction, allowing you to change thought patterns and behaviors towards alcohol. These facilities also have other helpful resources, such as career centers to help you get a job once you complete the recovery program.

Get a Sponsor

After getting out of an inpatient rehabilitation facility, it's critical to stay sober. You need support in order for this to happen, which is where a sponsor comes in handy. This person has been where you have been, so they can offer empathy. They can guide you through this difficult process, so your chances of relapsing aren't as great.

When looking for a sponsor, make sure he or she has adequate experience with alcohol rehabilitation programs. They should have first-hand experience with the 12-step process, and they need to be secure in their own sobriety to truly help you make smart decisions.

If you are addicted to alcohol, your life may be spinning out of control. It doesn't have to, though, if you can monitor external factors, check yourself into an inpatient rehabilitation facility and get a sponsor. A normal, healthy life is attainable if you are proactive.