Feed Your Body, Not Your Cancer

18 August 2015
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When you have cancer it can be hard to eat. Between the nausea, exhaustion, dry mouth, and lack of appetite, you may be tempted to avoid food all together. However, now is the most important time for you to give your body the nutrients it needs. Here are some tips for choosing the right foods. 1. Go for nutrient dense foods. If your appetite has diminished, make sure you pack a nutritional punch into the bites you can take. Read More 

Should You Invest In A Defibrillator?

10 August 2015
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Portable defibrillators, also known as AEDs -- automatic external defibrillators -- can restart your heart if your body's electrical system suddenly fails. These small machines attach to your chest through a series of sticky electrodes. The machine takes a moment to analyze your heart rate, and if it discovers that you have none, it delivers a shock to restart the rhythm. Defibrillators like these have saved countless lives in schools, health care clinics, and other workplaces. Read More 

Should You Have Infusion Therapy At Home Or In A Care Center?

30 June 2015
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If you've been diagnosed with a stubborn, serious internal infection that oral antibiotics just can't kick, you may have been prescribed a regimen of intravenous antibiotics, or infusion therapy. These antibiotics are strong and deposited directly into your bloodstream, so they can go right to work eradicating your infection and restoring you to health. This therapy is available in a hospital, but if you're otherwise healthy, it can also be performed at a rehab center or even in your home. Read More 

6 Things A Sonogram Can Reveal About Your Unborn Child

24 June 2015
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Throughout your pregnancy, you may be concerned about the health of your unborn child. A prenatal sonogram can help reassure you that your baby is fine. Here are six things that a sonogram can reveal about your unborn baby: Age Although you may be fairly certain of the conception date of your child, a sonogram provides an accurate assessment of the exact fetal age by measuring the crown-to-rump length. The age is particularly important for setting your due date so that you can prepare properly for child's pending arrival. Read More 

When Is Cholesterol Good And When Is It Bad for Your Heart?

26 May 2015
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Moderation is key and, like in a lot of situations concerning the human body, cholesterol is good for you as long as its in balance. Cholesterol is not all good and it's not all bad. You need both kinds, and you need the right proportions to stay healthy and avoid heart disease. Here is the inside information about cholesterol so you'll understand what it means for you. Why Your Body Needs It and Where It Comes From Read More